Flavour Ingredients

Among the world leaders in natural flavour ingredients

From its inception in 1979, Plant Lipids rapidly grew to attain its status as a world-renowned manufacturer of food ingredients. Today, we operate in a truly international dimension working with some of the most iconic food & beverage brands, by leveraging our unique perspective to natural colour formulations.

The demand for ‘all natural’ flavour ingredients by the food industry has surged manifold. At Plant Lipids, we produce a wholesome range of natural essential oils, oleoresins and spices for flavouring, seasonings, preservation and therapeutic uses. Our wide product range derived from spices and herbs have been used by food industries all around the world for the past 40 years. With specialised processes and patented technologies, we have mastered the art of creating tailor made aroma, extracts and flavour blends across various profiles.

Essential Oil

Ajowan Seed | Baise Rose | Black Pepper | Calamus | Cardamom | Cassia Bark | Celery Seed | Cinnamon Bark | Cinnamon Leaf | Clove Bud | Clove Leaf | Coriander Seed | Cumin Seed | Curcuma Aromatica | Curry Leaf | Davana | Dill Seed | Elemi | Fennel Seed | Galangal | Garlic | Ginger | Java Galangal | Juniper Berry | Lemon Grass | Mace | Myrrh | Nutmeg | Olibanum | Opoponax | Palmarosa | Parsley Seed | Rosemary | Styrax | Turmeric | Vetiver | White Pepper


Anise Seed | Asafoetida (Hing) | Basil Leaf | Big Cardamom | Black Pepper | Capsicum | Caraway Seed | Cardamom | Cassia Bark | Celery Leaf | Celery Seed | Chilli | Clove Bud | Cocoa | coffee | Coriander Seed | Coriander Leaf | Cumin Seed | Curry Leaf | Dates | Dill | Fenenl Seed | Galangal | Garlic | Ginger | Green Chilli | Green Ginger | Green Pepper | Java Galangal | Juniper Berry | Laurel Leaf | Lemon Grass | Mace | Marjoram | Nutmeg | Onion | Oregano | Parsley Seed | Pepper Long | Pimento | Rosemary | Sage | Spearmint | Star Anise | Tamarind | Thyme | Turmeric | White Pepper

Spray Dried Products

All our Essential Oils | Oleoresins | Green Extractives & Natural Food Colours are available in encapsulated form.

Clean Label

Super Critical Extracts | Black Pepper | Cardamom | Cinnamon | Cumin | Ginger

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Natural and Clean Label Solutions

The increasing awareness on health and wellness among consumers globally is resulting in more specific opportunities in Food and Beverage industry – especially Clean Labels and RTD Beverages.The other background to this business dynamic is the drive for investment in newer technologies for deriving better natural ingredients.

Our “Clean label” ingredients are from organic and natural, free from artificial
ingredients and GMOs, with added functional ingredients, thereby making our products more sustainable. From sauces to dips, we can help achieve clean label solutions and smooth, creamy textures with authentic taste tailored to the application.

In Clean label category, we offer a range of Super Critical extracts – Black pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cumin, Ginger, etc. The use of CO2 extraction allows for clean, low/stable temperature extraction of natural ingredients with no traces of solvent in the final extract.

In RTD beverages, especially Cold brew Coffee market is currently booming, due to its popularity with the younger and health-conscious population who prefer the milder flavour compared to regular coffee. Cold brew is helping to premiumize the RTD category and is growing fast in many markets.

The Cold brewing method helps in leaching flavour from the beans which produce a unique chemical profile different from conventional brewing methods. It also results in much-reduced levels of acidity in the finished drink. Similarly, the process is used to brew the tea/green tea leaves slowly, to release refreshing aroma and flavours of the tea with antioxidant benefits. Well, the “Clean Drinking” ethos is trending, and a cold brew is ticking many “healthy” options.

Refreshing Senses with Natural Flavours and Aromas

Hydration made more exciting and natural to refresh all senses by infusing aromas, mesmerizing flavours, and excellent taste. Infused waters are unsweetened, preservative-free, and made only from the highest quality all-natural ingredients by using flavour technologies to embrace the Aromas and introduce them to bring about purely natural and refreshing range of food and beverage products.

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