Since commencement of operations in 1979, our passion and philosophy has helped us to provide an unrivalled range of products and services that are innovative yet affordable. Our personal touch and attention to each transaction adds true value that brings about a positive impact on our customer’s growth and prosperity.

  • Our manufacturing foot print has evolved over the years and we presently have processing facilities at the major spice growing regions in India.
  • The basket of products that are produced at our sites include Oleoresins, Essential oils, Natural Food colours, Speciality Extracts, Spray Dried products, Whole and Ground spices and Supersols.
  • For the top five high volume spices comprising Pepper, Turmeric, Paprika, Capsicum and Ginger we have state of the art, high volume processing facilities, at close proximity to their growing areas.
  • Our Kochi unit is the manufacturing hub for a vast array of spice products that are within easy reach for all our customers spread across the globe.
  • Our network of factories provide a flexible manufacturing option, which de-risks the business from any supply disruptions at any one location.
  • We have developed a very detailed network coordination between all our manufacturing sites to ensure that our customers can source their requirements from any of these sites.
  • We are in step with the increasing appetite for Organic products and our portfolio of Organic products and their volumes are increasing to meet the global demand.
  • We are equally committed to a safe working place and our manufacturing sites follow a Safety first motto

Research Centre in Various Countries

Innovative Technology

State of Art Storage Facility

Cochin (Headquarter)
Plant Lipids | Condiments | Aromatic | CO2

From the very ancient times the city of Cochin has been the epi-centre in the evolution of modern and related industry.

Our headquarters is in Cochin, which is popularly referred to as the queen of Arabian Sea.

Our headquarters includes:

  • Dedicated batch plants for Curcumin, Oleoresins, Natural food colours, Essential oils.
  • Dedicated EOU unit for producing ground spices.
  • Aromatic ingredients for the manufacture of Mediterranean spices.
  • Spray drying facility.
  • CO2 extraction facility.
  • Research and Development Centre spearheading our new product development and innovative activities.
  • State-of-the-art application lab.

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I am a Plant Lipids employee

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